List of user statuses

Name Points Description
Megabrain 5000000 Few users of this site have this status. They are great strategists with incredible patience, resourcefulness and ingenuity.
Professor 1650000 To achieve this status, the participant must pass "fire", "water" and "copper pipes". This user is a true professional.
Star academic 1050000 A user with this status is well versed in any game. It will not be difficult for him to beat any opponent, since he has "flexible" logic and sees several moves ahead.
Eminent scientist 650000 A person who wins qualitatively in all combinations for many, many months
Scientist 400000 This player is taught everything, understands everything the first time. He "does not throw words to the wind", holds a blow and is ready to overcome any difficulties.
Ace 250000 The perfect user! Checked "in battle" with a large number of rivals. Ready to accept any challenge and overcome it. He plays at a good level and is ready to compete for the podium!
Egghead 50000 Only users who are highly active, as well as excellent results in games, can receive this status. Our users have repeatedly fought with him for the podium, but his skill of this player allowed him to "snatch" victory.
Virtuoso 7000 Good people are good at everything, so they do not stop there and move forward to new adventures and challenges that they will undoubtedly overcome.
Ambitious 1000 This is not the first time that a user with this status has visited the site, plays well and is actively involved in the fight against steel members. This participant has high expectations and is ready to gain a leading position.
Beginner 0 A new user (Beginner), who recently appeared on the site and who is waiting for only victory and success.